Learn More About IvPlast

Learn More About IvPlast
Learn More About IvPlast Learn More About IvPlast

In Pindamonhangaba since its founding 20 years ago, IvPlast was created by Mr. Silva who perceived the great demand that existed for that market of wall anchors. Like many companies in Brazil, it was born small and developed over the years.

It is characterized as a family business, but with concerns for the constant development, search for the quality of its products, investments in technology and the perfection of its collaborators, which assure to the company solidity and outstanding position in the market.

Now run by the second generation of the family, it spares no efforts to innovate and grow with strength and vitality.

With a highly trained team, IVPLAST covers the entire national territory and Latin America, seeking to consolidate its brand more and more.

Our Mission

Proactively act by providing quality products that meet and exceed the needs of our customers.


Be one of the leading companies in the supply of wall anchors and outlet boxes, seeking excellence and exceeding the expectations of our customers.


  • Innovative
  • Versatile
  • Professional
  • Leader
  • Attitude
  • Safe
  • Technological

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Empresa - 2
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